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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Benefits of Wooden Toys

Indian Wooden toys are made of Ivory or Rose wood , both these woods are famous for their durability and softness, these woods have a lot of flexibility which make theses toys almost unbreakable

Dye made from vegetable are used to color these toys which are purely Eco-friendly , organic and 100% safe for kids, so your child is completely safe even if they chew the toys and put them in their mouth.

Wooden toys may not offer all of the same glitz and glamour that typical plastic toys have, but they also have less of the dangerous trapping. All of the plastic and paper packaging, the fuel used to transport the toys, and the pollution created by the plants making the toys themselves quickly adds up. Suddenly a small action figure seems a lot bigger. There is a huge ecological Impact of these Chinese and plastic toys on the environment it also increases your carbon footprint.

 This is why many parents are choosing to buy simple wooden toys, often hand created by local crafters or by companies that are more ethical than the larger toy makers.wooden toys in the home makes them feel safer about what their children are playing with. They also feel more confident that they can trust the makers of wooden toys.

Plastic toys are made with a molecule called bis phenol A that is known to cause dangerous hormone changes in children. There is also the toxic PVC phthalates from vinyl found in some toys which can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs and reproductive system. 

Wooden toys, however, do not contain the dangerous chemicals plastic toys are manufactured with.

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