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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Scientific Toys for School Children

Science has always been fun to learn, but kids find it a bit hard as the concepts, the theories and laws of Science are a bit complex , Learning science is more fun when it is practice and learnt practically, when kids do the experiment they realize how science and its laws are working behind the experiments and complex mechanisms and gadgets in today's worlds are based on simple science procedures

Funwood Games Presents Scientific Educational toys for children with a goal to simplify and demystify the mysteries of science, we have a goal to make learning more fun and intuitive, our small scientific toys explain the basic principles of electricity , electromagnetism, levitation, chemical reaction in a very simple and easy way

Basic principles of science such as Ohm's law, parallel circuit,, motion, energy conversion are demonstrated  by simple yet very logical looking instruments,

Funwood games also bring Do-It_Yourself kits for electricity, magnetism , chemistry and electronics, this kit contains a host of activities which the students can perform easily under the supervision of their parents and learn the magic of science, this kit can be also used to do the science projects or demonstration in schools , as they are very simple and easy to understand no additional qualification is required to the experiments

The kit has been designed to meet keeping in mind the current syllabus of the students and these scientific toys are very appropriate for kids from 8th std to 12th std