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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Traditional Indian Wooden toys,

Indian is one of the countries with a very old legacy of wooden toys , generations and generations have played and grown up with wooden and clay toys, even today children in rural and semi urban places play with wooden toys, its jut the town and urban places people are forgetting their use and effectiveness.

Hardly there must be a boy in India who has not played or ever touched a Spinning top, Tops are one of the oldest and most played  wooden toy,its a real fun to challenge your friends in a game of Top fights and then if you win the fight you get to keep the top, I for once had collected a lot of tops , then all the juggling acts one can do with the tops , trowing it in air an picking up in the hand itself is a act of jugglery and very difficult to master . even just the tying of the Top is a difficult task and u have to practice it hard to become a master in spinning a top

For those who find difficult to spin the actual spinning top there is nothing to loose hope, tops which can be easily spun by your hand are also available in the market , these are simple tops which you can spin it with your fingers.

Similar to the wooden top , Wooden games like Gilli danda, wooden X-0 set (Tic tac toe set), wooden abacus are also one of the popular wooden games

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  1. Hello,
    I love Indian toys for kids. And wooden toys are the best ideas i have ever thought. They are safe, long lasting as well as very unique