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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Beautiful Wooden kitchen set role playing Toys for Girls

Get out the Creative Little Master Chef from your Kids because it's time to cook up some fun! Wooden kitchen set are one of the most creative and Innovative toys for your little princess. for generations girls have been trying to enact their moms, they like to set up their small kitchen set do the daily chores and call friends over for lunch , girls take pride over their kitchen and love spending time playing and enacting their roles , one of them becomes the mommy, one the daddy and the little ones are made the kids,they pretend to make lunch dinner and imagine themselves as a family

Keeping this in mind Funwood Games presents the wonderful wooden set toy for girls having total of 12 pieces including a gas stove, buckets, glasses, containers, rolling, pin and a beautiful looking rolling board, and a grinding mill all of these pieces are made of wood and colored with vegetable dye so they are 100% safe for the kids, All these toys are a part of a normal traditional Indian kitchen. Buy directly from our online store by clicking the link

These toys not only keeps your little ones busy but also increases their thinking and imaginative capabilities

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